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6 Sep 2006

Because my research about the Stevens family has not progressed far back in time, you'll need to scroll down to see its earliest ancestors, my paternal great-grandparents, Tedziano and Natalina.

31 Aug 2006

The Stevens name has undergone quite a metamorphasis on its short journey from Italy to America. The name began as Stefanacci in Frosinone Province, Italy. According to the 1920 census, my great-grandparents abbreviated their name as Steve. Their eldest children opted to use the last name Stephens, while my grandfather was the first to use Stevens as did all of his younger brothers and sisters.

30 Aug 2006

According to my grandfather, his family is from a town called 'Prethega' in Frosinone Province, Italy. The only problem? There is no such town. Thanks to my cousin, I now know that they came from the town of Patricia. Many residents from this town settled in Aliquippa, the Stevens family hometown in America.